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  • Mike and Heather Becker, owners of Gale's Carpet One donated glass tiles to the RHS Glass Art program in the amount of $1,500. November 2013
  • Letter of appreciation from R Recreation for the assistance of the Wolverine Football Players during the Wyoming State NFL Punt, Pass and Kick competition (Read More)
  • Wyoming Department of Education commends Dallas Myers for being fully compliant on IEP's (Read More)
  • Letter of Appreciation for Sharon Campbell (Read More)
  • Riverton Golden K Kiwanis Club has donated $100 to Aspen Park for children in need. February 2013
  • WHSAA Good Sportsmanship Award Given To Camille Whiteman, Kade Salisbury, Chade Hanson, Andrew Dayton (Read More)
  • WHSAA Good Sportsmanship Award Given To Chade Hanson (Read More)
  • First Interstate Bank donated $304.29 for books for students at Ashgrove School. December 2012
  • Encana donated $3,956 to RHS for stained glass. December 2012
  • Devon Energy donated $1,000 for a table at the concession stand. December 2012
  • The United Presbyterian Church donated mittens, gloves, scarves and hats to Jackson School. December 2012
  • First Interstate Bank donated $696.35 to Aspen Park so that each student received a book. November 2012
  • Lori McGee presented Michael R. Mahaffey with his High School Diploma under the Wyoming Veterans Commission Operation Recognition Program. (Read More)
  • WHSAA Good Sportsmanship Award Given To Amy Woodward (Read More)
  • Devon Energy Corporation donated $500 to the Riverton FFA. November 2012
  • $500 Volunteer Grant from ConocoPhillips matching Trina Batista's volunteer hours with the RHS Wrestling Team. November 2012
  • $1,000 donation of supplies from Walmart to Ashgrove School. October 2012
  • WHSAA Good Sportsmanship Award Given To Volleyball Coach Adrian McNamee and swimmer Kelsy Bastian (Read More)
  • Fremont County Realtors Association donated supplies to Aspen Park for students in need. October 2012
  • Aspen Park Parent Group has donated playground equipment in the amount of $11,036 for Aspen Park. October 2012
  • Kiwanis Golden K donated children's clothing to Jackson School September 2012