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Fremont County School District #25 Indian Education Program

Native American students reaching their academic potential through the efforts of two Federal grant programs (Title VII and Johnson O'Malley) are goals of the Indian Education program. To be eligible for the Title VII program, the student must show a family ancestral history of Native American decent and turn in a 506 form. For the Johnson O'Malley Indian Education program, the student must be an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe. The district will need a copy of the students CIB or Certificate of Indian Blood.

These are supplemental programs to help with reading, writing and math through the regular education program. Indian Ed staff will assist students by monitoring attendance and grades, stepping in to offer assistance when the student shows a drop in reading, writing, and math. Staff can find tutoring assistance or help address the issues that are affecting attendance. Staff can also assist parents in finding district or community resources as needed.