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School District 25 Policy

Student Activities: Co-curricular And Extra-curricular

Policy 8147
Adopted: January 22, 2002

Student activities are operationally defined as any action or event or group of actions or events that occur outside the typical classroom structure that provide students with opportunities to learn and are associated with legitimate school sponsorship.

Student activities including athletics, clubs and organizations provide opportunities for students to explore areas of interest and skill as well as opportunities to learn teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, leadership, pride and fairness. Because of these opportunities student activities are considered an important part of the total curriculum, and are therefore to be developed and managed with these purposes in mind.

The Board of Trustees must give approval for the establishment of all student organizations and activities. Proposed organizations and activities will not engage in any activity, other than organizational in nature, until the Board has approved the organization's status as a district sponsored activity. Once a student activity or special event has been accepted as a district sponsored activity, that status shall continue until such time that the board elects to discontinue that activity.

Activities or events not regularly scheduled that occur outside the school year and/or during extended vacation periods and/or not held during a regular season need to apply for school sponsored activity status.

All student activities approved by the Board of Trustees will operate under the policies, rules and regulations of the Board. Building principals are responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of all student activities programs.

The following items are inclusive of what constitutes a District approved activity:

  1. Activity receives formal support, endorsement and recognition from the Board.
  2. Activity has a current sponsor designated by the Board.
  3. Activity supports appropriate educational development.
  4. Activity is sanctioned by responsible and entity such as educational, professional, civic, labor or business organizations whose efforts will result in improved educational opportunities for the students of the District, and that entity provides provides appropriate levels of support, supervision and protection for the students of the District during activities. When status is being sought by a school for district approval as an activity, the school will be required to provide appropriate sanctioning status as a part of its request.

* Policy to be reviewed by January 2003 for the purposes of extension and/or amending.

** Nothing in this policy should be construed to override or circumvent Policy 4115 - Field Trips and Excursions.