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School District 25 Policy

Administering Medicines To Students

Policy 8115
Adopted: August 13, 2013

School district employees will not prescribe or make available any prescriptive medication, over the counter medication or oral medications to any student. It is not the school's responsibility to dispense prescribed medications or those over the counter remedies that a parent/ guardian or physician may prescribe for a student. Medications may be dispensed to students by designated staff when the medical authorization form is completed. In order for the school to comply with this request, the following information must be provided:

1. A signed note by the parent/ guardian formally making the request and giving the school permission to dispense the indicated medication. The attending physician must provide items 2 through 7. This information is to be obtained by the parent/ guardian and supplied to the school.

2. The name of the medication.

3. The prescribed dosage of the medication.

4. Frequency and time interval that the medication is to be taken.

5. Diagnosis for which the medication is prescribed.

6. Number of days the school is to dispense the medication.

7. What are, if any, the unusual reactions or side effects that may be expected by taking this medication.

Note: All medications must be in their original containers with unaltered labels. District staff will not alter any medication. If a medication needs to be altered, halved, it must come to the school in the required dosages. Students that require three (3) dosages of a medication, pills, and/or two or more different medications will be required to bring the prescribed medication to the school via Blister packs. The parents and/or health care provider may be requested to administer these medications. The School Nurse, Building Administrator, Director of Special Services and/or the Superintendent all reserve the right to have parent administer the medication to their student, in their absence or instead of the administrator designee at each building site. Any unused medication, not retrieved by the parent, will be disposed of two weeks, 14 days after the last school day.

Prudent first aid practices will be adhered to. Over the counter preparations such as Caladryl, Neosporin, saline solution, Vaseline or Orajel may be used as is indicated by generally accepted treatment.

School personnel retain the right to inquire into the necessity of the student having medications at school and take appropriate action if there is implied misuse or associated disruption with their use.

Parent/guardians are encouraged to regulate dosages of medication so that those items need not be brought to school. The district retains the right to require parents to administer morning and/or afternoon dosages to the student prior to the arrival at school and after the student returns home from school. The District encourages parents to administer as many medications as possible at home and the District may require the parents to do so. The District retains the right to have parents administer any medically fragile procedures and reserves the right to be exempt from some medical procedures. If a student is in a District perceived life threatening situation emergency personnel, 911 may be called. Generally your physician can regulate frequencies of medication usage to help you avoid sending medications to school.

All schools in Fremont County School District No. 25 are drug free schools. Misuse of medication, misuse of inhalants, use or possession of illegal drugs, use or possession of alcohol, use or possession of tobacco products or other similar substances by any person in or on school district property or in association with a school sponsored activity is subject to disciplinary action and referral to law enforcement. (Policy 1800 and Policy 8090)