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School District 25 Policy

Student Health Service

Policy 8110
Adopted: April 9, 1985 Revised: September 12, 2017

Fremont County School District #25 endorses a proactive, student centered health program designed to promote optimum educational opportunity for all students by creating a climate of health and well-being and minimizing absences related to illness. School Nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being, academic success and life-long achievement of students. To that end, school nurses facilitate positive student responses to normal development; promote health and safety; intervene with actual and potential health problems; provide case management, self-advocacy and learning. (NASN School Nurse Role)

The objectives of the school health program are:

  1. To promote good healthy habits among students.
  2. To assist in detecting and recommending correction for medical, psychological and physical handicaps of students.
  3. To maintain accurate health records of all school pupils. Such records shall include: immunizations, medical history information, health care plans, screening tests, office visits, and all further necessary medical related documentation. Health records are subject to district rules governing confidentiality and storage of student records.

Health Services, Screening Tests

  1. Screening tests of school pupils shall be administered periodically for evaluation of hearing and vision.
  2. Teachers shall aid in the screening of school pupils by observing their behavior and appearance and providing referrals to the school nurse.
  3. Screening tests for measuring growth including height and weight measurements shall be administered periodically.
  4.  Vision, hearing, height, weight and vital signs will be completed annually for select grades.
  5. Medical examinations as designated by the Wyoming High School Activities Association shall be required of all pupils participating in middle school or high school athletics.


  1. In any case, where physical exercise is rather strenuous, such as physical education classes, and a student has any physical impairment whatsoever, these students may be required to present authorization for participation from a physician.
  1.  Students may be excused from physical education activities and from curricular requirements relating to physical education activities upon the statement from a physician that participation would be injurious to their health.


  1.  Parental consent will be required for all examinations noted above if given by a school physician or under auspices of the school. However, parental consent will not be mandatory to refer a student to public health or other doctors for medical services in connection with pregnancy, venereal disease, and/or alcohol or drug abuse. It shall be the policy of the district to encourage students to seek health services related to these problems with or without parental consent.
  1. Any pupil engaging in any competitive athletics shall, prior to participation in any form of exercise leading to the athletic participation, be given a physical examination by a physician. All original physicals will be given to the School Nurse and kept in their student health file. Copies may be given to parents and coaching staff upon request. 


  1. All pupils may be covered by a limited accident insurance policy provided by the District.



  1.  No treatment of injuries, except emergency first aid, is permitted in the schools. For purposes of this policy, first aid is the immediate help given by the best-qualified person at hand or on-call in case of accident or sudden illness.


  1. The school’s obligation continues after the emergency until the injured person has been placed in the care of the family or family physician.
  1. The school district will provide and maintain adequate first aid kits in all schools. Teachers who have not had first aid training, or whose training may be outdated, should avail themselves of Safety of First Aid Training that may be provided through the school or in the community


  1.  Accident report forms are to be completed if any student, faculty member, or community member sustain an injury on school grounds that may warrant medical attention. Forms are available in the nurse’s office for students or community members. Faculty will need to complete form on School District website and sent electronically to Central Office. The form is to be completed in a timely manner by the person who witnessed the accident or School Nurse/Aide. Student and community member reports go to the School Nurse, Principal, and Superintendent.  If it is a community member please contact central office to advise Superintendent of pending paperwork.

Health Services Records

  1. The school nurse shall cause to have kept health records of all school pupils. Such records shall include any recordings of immunizations, growth records, observations of medical advisors and teachers, notations on mental health, handicaps, and results of all screening tests and their follow-up.
  2. All health records are to be available to teachers and qualified school personnel but should tie interpreted by the school nurse. Records shall be made available to parents of children under the direction of the school nurse.

Health records are subject to District rules governing confidentiality and storage of student records.

Health Services, Prevention and Control of Disease

The school health program which includes a mandatory immunization program against certain communicable diseases shall be enforced. In conformity with State Statutes:

  1. All persons ten (10) years of age or younger entering initially or transferring from another state into a School District No. 25 school are required to be completely immunized against vaccine preventable diseases regardless of whether or not they enter initially or by transfer except that:
    1. A person may be conditionally enrolled for a period not to exceed one hundred twenty (120) days provided booster immunizations are completed within ninety (90) days;
    2. Waivers shall be given upon submission of written evidence of religious objections or medical contraindications to the administration of any vaccine. These waivers shall be granted only by State or County Health Authorities.
  2. In the presence of a vaccine preventable outbreak as determined by the State or County Health Offices, those children not fully immunized may be excluded from school whether or not the lack of such immunization is due to religious waiver or medical contraindication but not suspended or expelled.
  3. The children affected by Section B of this policy will not be counted as being absent as defined in W.S. 21-13-305 (a) (i).
  4. The administrator of any school enrolling pupils 10 years of age or younger will be responsible for an audit of the immunization status of any enrolled child ten years of age or younger.
  5. An immunization record as prescribed by the State shall be an integral part of the child's school record.

6.   Wyoming State Law (W.S. 21-4-309) requires your child to be properly immunized against vaccine preventable disease as designated by the State Health Officer. Your child may be conditionally enrolled for thirty (30) calendar days, after which time he/she will be excluded from school. Religious and medical exemptions must be processed with the Fremont County Health office. (307)332-1073. This is a state law, therefore a requirement of the Fremont County School District. Parents/guardians must provide up- to-date immunization records.