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School District 25 Policy

Keys To School Property

Policy 6020
Adopted: April 9, 1985

Keys to school property are issued to authorized personnel for their use only. Each Principal shall establish a building procedure for the issuing and returning of keys to maintain key security. Keys are the personal responsibility of the person to whom they are issued.

In order to protect school property, all rooms are equipped with locks that are keyed individually so that only the teacher assigned to the room may open and 1eave as such. All doors will be locked when a teacher leaves a vacant room.

School employees are prohibited from loaning keys to students or other unauthorized person(s). Duplicate keys to any school property shall not be made without prior approval from the administrator who issued the keys.

Keys to school property remain the sole property of the Board. Any school employee or other person possessing such key(s) shall surrender all such key(s) to the Board or its designee at the close of the school year, upon termination of employment or immediately on demand.