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School District 25 Policy

Children in the Workplace

Policy 5043
Adopted: February 12, 2013

Children in the Workplace                                                                                   
(This policy pertains to all District employees, coaching staff and volunteers)

The presence of children under the charge of a District employee during the employee’s workday is inappropriate and is to be avoided except in emergency situations.  This policy is established to avoid disruptions in job duties of the employee and co-workers, minimize property liability, and help maintain the District’s professional work environment. This policy does not apply to approved programs that involve children in education.

Generally, such incidences should be limited to emergencies in which the employee has no other viable child care solution.  This policy does not apply to brief, informal visits by an employee’s children or other dependents, as long as such visits are infrequent and are not distracting or disruptive. 

An incidental and brief visit by a child to a parent’s workplace is acceptable.

If bringing a child to work with the employee is unavoidable, the employee must obtain their supervisor’s permission prior to bringing their children to the work area.  Supervisors shall refuse permission if the presence of the child(ren) is likely to create an unsafe or unproductive work situation.

The factors that the supervisors will consider are the work environment in the employee’s area, the responsibilities and expectations of the employee, the potential effect of division of responsibility of the employee, the age of the child (i.e. are they old enough and capable of entertaining and caring for themselves without distracting or interrupting their parents or other staff members), how long the child needs to be present, and possible disruptions to the employee’s and co-worker’s work. 

A child brought to the workplace in unavoidable situations will be the responsibility of the employee and must be under the direct supervision of the employee at all times.   When children are brought to the workplace, the following requirements apply:

A child who has an illness that prevents him or her from being accepted by a regular day care provider, particularly a child with infectious disease, may not be brought to the workplace under any circumstances.