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School District 25 Policy

Request for a Reduction of Work Schedule Due to Health Condition

Policy 5037
Adopted: August 8, 2006 Revised: August 22, 2017

The District has as its primary mission that of educating the children attending its schools. It is the responsibility of the District to pursue that mission in an efficient and effective manner. Disruptions of work time/ schedule by employees can produce adverse conditions in the learning of students and can divert valuable resources that otherwise would be used enhancing student learning.

Requests from staff members seeking a reduction in their work schedule for health reasons shall be covered by the guidelines covered in the District'sPolicy #5036 (Family Medical Leave Act - FMLA).

A reduction in time shall be considered FMLA covered leave and treated accordingly.

Covered employees shall be entitled to a total of twelve weeks of unpaid leave during any twelve month period. The twelve-week leave shall include the employee's accrued sick leave and earned vacation. A workweek is defined as 5 workdays.

If at the end of the twelve week leave the employee cannot return to full time work status, the District has the right to grant further unpaid leave or terminate the work status of the employee.

The following District policies shall be applied as appropriate within the District Policy #5036 and Policy and Administrative Procedure:

  1.             5028 (Sick Leave Bank)
  2.             5027 (Sick Leave)
  3.             #5435 (Immediate Family Illness Leave - Certified)
  4.             #5780 (Immediate Family Illness Leave - Classified)