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School District 25 Policy

Sick Leave bank

Policy 5028
Adopted: June 23, 2015

Fremont County School District #25 shall maintain a sick leave bank as a benefit to all employees whose job description identifies sick leave as a fringe benefit of employment. The purpose of the sick leave bank is to provide extended support to qualified employees for catastrophic illness or injury that meet the sick leave use requirements as set forth in the Fremont County School District #25 Sick Leave Policy # 5027 and/or Bereavement Leave Policy # 5440 and #5785.


Upon exhausting all regularly provided sick leave, personal leave and vacation leave, qualified district personnel may make application for additional days meeting the District’s Sick Leave Policy # 5027 and/or Bereavement Leave Policy #5440 and #5785 to the sick leave bank.


The District’s sick leave bank shall be administered by a board made up as follows. The board shall consist of five administrator level members. Those members shall be: the District Business Manager and four district administrators.  The Superintendent will request volunteers from the administrative staff to fill the four administrator positions, if there are not enough volunteers, the Superintendent will appoint the members.  The administrative representatives will serve on the board on a two year rotation (school year).


If a sick leave bank board member makes a request to the sick leave bank, they shall abstain from any formal review of the request. The Superintendent shall appoint a member at large to hear that request if a majority (greater than 50%) of the sick leave bank board cannot be present.


The sick leave bank board may request additional information at any time to review a member’s request, review current use of days from the bank or consideration of a request to extend the number of days from the bank.


Days donated/contributed to the sick leave bank shall become the property of the sick leave bank and are no longer part of a member’s current or accumulated sick leave. If a member does not need/use all the days granted from the sick leave bank, those days shall be returned to the sick leave bank.


See Administrative Procedure 5028