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School District 25 Policy

Sick Leave

Policy 5027
Adopted: June 23, 2015 Revised: April 11, 2017

This provision shall apply to leave in all cases where an employee is unable to perform duties because of

  1. A temporary disability, including major surgery, physical or mental illness, injury, pregnancy, or recovery from childbirth.
  2. It is necessary for the employee to take care of an immediate family member who is in the hospital or to provide primary physical care to an immediate family member (Immediate family is defined as “an employee’s spouse, parent or child”).

For extended illness of more than 3 consecutive work days, verification by medical authority may be required.

This provision will be considered as a benefit to all regular employees whose job description identifies sick leave as a fringe benefit of employment.

Sick leave during an employee’s pregnancy and/or resulting birth:
Sick leave benefits will be applicable to a disability that occurs during an employee’s term of
pregnancy and the resulting birth of the baby.  Pregnancy, delivery and recovery from delivery will be treated as a single event under this policy.

  • 1.   Medical certification of pregnancy will need to accompany a request for maternity leave.

  • 2.   The beginning and end of the employee’s disability will be certified by the attending
    physician regardless of whether the disability occurs during the term of pregnancy or begins with the birth of the baby.
    1. Nothing in this policy will prohibit an employee from requesting additional maternity leave without pay after she is released by the attending physician.

    Certified: Ten (10) days of sick leave shall be credited to each eligible certified employee at the commencement of the school term which may be used as needed or accumulated if not used. Sick leave is allowed to be accumulated at the rate of ten (10) days per year, not to exceed a total of 120 days.

    All eligible classified employees working on a regular, daily schedule for ten months or less are allowed ten (10) days sick leave annually, without loss of pay, accumulative to one hundred twenty (120) days. All classified employees working on a regular, daily schedule for more than ten months are allowed twelve (12) days sick leave annually, without loss of pay, accumulative to a total of one hundred twenty (120) days.
    Employees hired after November 1st, will receive a prorated amount of sick leave days based off the remainder of the contract or notice of assignment anticipated number of work days (i.e. if hired on January 4th, will receive 5 sick days for use in the remainder of the current school or contract year).

    In order for the employee to qualify for payment under this provision, the Superintendent or his/ her designee reserves the right to require the employee to submit a physician's statement verifying that the employee or employee’s family member was physically disabled on the day(s) claimed with the claimed temporary disability. If such certification is requested and not furnished, the Board may treat such noncompliance as neglect of duty and grounds for dismissal. While on such leave, sick leave days will be paid only for the number of assigned duty days the employee is absent which occur during the employee's current work year term, for which said employee is physically disabled, limited to the extent of the number of sick leave days accumulated by the employee at the time said leave commences.

    In all cases, the Superintendent or designee reserves the right to require certification by a physician of the employee's fitness (1) to continue performing the essential duties and responsibilities of the employee's position and assignments, and/or (2) to return to employment following a temporary disability absence and resume the full performance of the essential duties and responsibilities to which the employee may be assigned. If there is concern as to the suitability of the employee returning to work, the Personnel Manager may consult with the direct supervisor as to the specifics of any restrictions suggested by the doctor.  As appropriate, a “return to work committee” consisting of the Personnel Manager and Superintendent will determine on a case by case basis if the employee should return to work in their assigned duties as recommended by the doctor.  The employee’s specific essential duties, work environment, level of activity, level of opportunity for re-injury as well as other factors particularly applicable to an employee’s position may be considered when making these decisions.
    In the event the employee uses all accumulated sick leave days eligible to be used in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 4, hereinabove, he/ she will then have the option of applying for a medical or non-medical unpaid leave of absence under Board Policy 5455, as determined by the Superintendent.

    The Superintendent reserves the right to grant additional days of paid sick leave per year (beginning July 1 of each year), upon written application of the employee, provided the Board determines such to be in the best interest of the School District. If granted, the current daily rate of a substitute teacher's pay may be deducted from such employee's salary.

    Note: An employee that is eligible for Wyoming Workers’ Compensation  temporary total disability benefits may not use their accrued sick leave days simultaneously.


    Ref:        Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
                    The Pregnancy Protection Act of 1978