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School District 25 Policy

Staff: Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment

Policy 5022
Adopted: November 25, 2003

The use of district equipment for personal purposes is prohibited. In addition, the district does not encourage employees to take district equipment home for professional use. However, there may be situations necessitated by district needs when it seems appropriate to allow employees to do so. In such instances, employees will be required to receive prior written approval from the employee's immediate supervisor. A signed copy of the written approval must be on file prior to removing any equipment from district property.

Occasionally employees will be required to use district equipment in presentations, etc., away from the district. The employee should in those instances, also acquire written consent from his immediate supervisor prior to removing the equipment from the district premises. In the instances when consent has properly been granted to the employee, the district will assume responsibility for loss, damage, and vandalism.