Staff Dress Code and Policy


Policy 5210
Adopted: August 22, 2017


As professionals in our schools, employees must realize and value the public’s perception of their roles as mentors and models for students.  Therefore, the following dress code will apply to all administrators, teachers, counselors, paraprofessionals, secretaries, food service, custodial, and transportation employees, substitutes, and all other staff throughout the school district.  It is to be applied for all the days students are present, and for parent-teacher conferences. Clothes should maintain a professional and appropriate appearance and be neat, clean, and in good repair.

Employees will wear their District-issued ID Badge whenever in District buildings or school grounds.

The School principal/supervisor has discretion on determining what constitutes questionable or acceptable clothing.


School district staff members who do not, in the judgment of the principal/supervisor, reasonably conform to professional appearance expectations shall receive a notice from their principal/ supervisor.  Repeated violations or refusal to comply with the directions of the principal/ supervisor by an employee could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.


Building administrators and supervisors are empowered to interpret what they believe is appropriate regarding visible piercings and tattoos.


Exceptions may be made by the building administrator/supervisor during “theme days” that the students and staff are encouraged to participate in (i.e. pay to wear a hat day, pajama day, favorite sports team day, etc.)


See Administrative Procedure #5210 for further details.