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School District 25 Policy

Compensation of Part-time Classified Staff

Policy 5772
Adopted: August 26, 2003 Revised: August 22, 2017

Individuals employed by the District in a classified staff or non certified staff position shall receive pay and benefits according to the following guidelines:

  1. Part-time classified staff shall receive a pay rate in accordance with the current salary schedule for their specific position. Employees will be paid for actual time worked as recorded on their monthly time sheets.
  2. Those staff members that are assigned to work more than 30 hours per week shall be eligible to participate in the health insurance plan through the District.
  3. An exception of the 30 hour eligibility rule to the District's health insurance plan shall be if a classified staff member has their employment reduced to less than 30 hours through actions of the District. In this case, the part-time classified        member shall be allowed to continue to participate in the District's health insurance program under the same conditions as if they were employed for more than 30 hours of the time.
  4. The District shall make all withholdings from the part-time employees' salary as prescribed by statute, rule or Procedure and make all contributions as prescribed by statute, rule or Procedure, or provided to full-time classified employees under District policy or procedure. Any contributions made by the District shall match in a corresponding manner to the employee's compensated amount.               
  5. Part-time classified staff that have previously retired through the Wyoming Retirement System (WRS) will be dealt with according to Wyoming Retirement System rules and Procedures, and District procedure.

Any employee receiving insurance benefits prior to the effective date of this policy under a previous agreement shall continue to receive that benefit under that agreement until such time that employee ends their employment with the District. If at some future point the employee becomes employed again by the District, the provisions of this policy shall be in effect.