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School District 25 Policy

Compensatory (Classified)

Policy 5725
Adopted: April 9, 2013

Hourly employees MUST accurately record ACTUAL time worked on their monthly time sheets at all times regardless of potential to accrue overtime. Compensatory (comp) time is not allowed by this District.


Any hours worked beyond the normal schedule must be approved in advance by the authorized supervisor except in emergency situations. 


Overtime for all employees will be computed for hours worked beyond forty (40) in the normal employment week. Hours worked beyond the normal eight (8) hour day will not qualify as overtime for any employee unless such hours exceed the forty (40) hour week (as defined by the specific positions’ work week). Overtime will be paid at the rate of one and one-half the per hour rate for any 15 minute increments over 40 hours worked per work week.


A Supervisor may use discretion in adjusting a daily schedule to meet job or convenience needs as long as the total hours worked are equal to but do not exceed the normal daily hours and would not potentially contribute to overtime. Due to the potential issues with employee’s working extra duty contracts, activities support, etc. that the supervisor may not be aware of, it is the employees’ responsibility to inform their supervisor that a requested assignment will result in overtime status.


Flex or trade time is at the building administrators or supervisors discretion (i.e. the employee skips their 1/2 hour lunch one day so they leave 1/2 hour earlier one day later that week).  The goal for making up flex or trade time is that it be completed within the following 5 scheduled work days or minimally, within the same pay period if at possible.


If unanticipated job needs arise that prevent the supervisor from being able to flex or trade time as per agreement, the employee will be paid overtime over forty (40) hours worked in that work week.


Vacation days, personal days, sick leave, or other paid days when the employee does not perform job functions are not considered as hours worked and are therefore not computed as any portion of the forty work hours.


In the case of district custodians or maintenance staff, there is the understanding that if there are additional activities in the buildings during non-school hours that the overtime opportunities may be greater than other classified positions.  These overtime requirements will be dealt with as follows: the custodian/maintenance employee must notify their immediate supervisor that the assignment or requirement will put them into an overtime status, they must list the reasons for any overtime accurately and completely on their applicable time sheets for sign off by the Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds.  The Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, or his designee will be responsible for ensuring that the overtime hours were actually required and pre-approved. If the custodian fails to follow this practice, they will no longer be allowed the opportunity for overtime work.  




Flex time:  Is an exception to the employee’s normal schedule and is allowed for the employee’s benefit and they need to take short increments of time off for personal reasons (i.e. trip to local doctor, watch own child in a play, etc.) with prior approval by supervisor.  The times worked or not worked must be accurately reflected on the applicable time sheets and is intended to keep the employee at the “normal” number of weekly hours.


Trade Time: Is an exception to the employee’s normal schedule and is allowed for the employer’s benefit when the employer has periodic special requirements for the employee to trade time in short increments. An example of “trade” time would be for school secretaries that may be asked to make substitute teacher arrangements prior to or after their normal scheduled hours (i.e. the secretary receives a call from an ill teacher at 6:30 a.m. on Monday and spends 15 minutes from home arranging for a substitute teacher). Trade time must be accurately recorded on the employee’s time sheets. The secretary records the actual time spent in making the substitute arrangements and can

adjust their time through the following 5 work days and could include taking extra lunch break time, leaving early in that same week, etc. This “trade” time must always be accurately reflected on the time sheet. 


Compensatory (Comp) time:  This is not allowed by Fremont County School District #25. The employee records their “normally scheduled” time on their time sheet when they have actually not worked a specific period and is allowed to “bank” time to take off at a later point in time. This district has no avenue to address the need for separate record keeping of any banked compensatory time.