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School District 25 Policy

Recruiting And Hiring (Classified)

Policy 5705
Adopted: May 12, 1998 Revised: August 22, 2017

The Superintendent and/or designee(s) shall be responsible for the recruiting and hiring of all classified personnel.

All employees of the District not covered by or included within the provisions of the Wyoming Teacher Employment Law (Chapter 182, Session Laws of Wyoming, 1967; § 21-7 - 101, et. seq., Wyoming Statutes, 1977, as amended or hereinafter amended) or who do not possess an express written contract of employment are considered classified staff. 

Offers of employment may be made to classified staff on a part-time, school year, partial school year, or annual basis, depending upon the nature of the classified services. Classified positions are “at-will”; the District has the absolute right to terminate employment at any time, with or without cause. Nothing contained in any policy, rule, Procedure, procedure or practice of the District shall be construed to create a contract between the employee and the District as the employer.  Employment by the district on either a regular or part-time basis shall not create an expectation of continued employment nor imply the creation of a property interest or liberty interest by virtue of employment.

The Superintendent or the Board may dismiss any classified employee when it is determined appropriate to do so by the Superintendent or the Board, at his or its sole discretion. Providing false information prior to, during, or following, the employment process may be grounds for immediate termination.

Failure of the Superintendent or the Board to offer employment to any classified employee at the conclusion of any employment period shall constitute termination of the employment relationship.

The Superintendent and/or designee, in determining the eligibility of a particular candidate for appointment or reassignment to a position, will select that person who, by reasons of preparation, qualifications, and demonstrated ability to work effectively with students, other employees, and citizens of the school community, will render the highest possible level of service to the School District.