Recruiting and Hiring (Classified)

Administrative Procedure 5705

Promulgated: August 22, 2017


All applicants and inquiries for classified positions shall be properly referred to the office of Personnel via the specified method.

Classified openings will be posted within the District for a period of at least forty-eight (48) hours in order that qualified personnel within the District may apply. Positions may also be posted externally simultaneously.

The appointment or reappointment of employees for any position on the staff of the school, as may be determined by the Superintendent, will be made in the interest of providing, within fiscal limitations, the best available services for the schools.

All regular employees of the district not covered by or included within the provision of the Wyoming Teacher Employment Law (Wyoming Education Code 21-7-101 et seq., as amended or as may be emended) are considered classified staff. The terms “support”, “non-certified”, or “classified” may be used to describe those staff members that are neither teachers nor administrators.