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School District 25 Policy

Suspension And Dismissal (Certified)

Policy 5385
Adopted: April 9, 1985
Legal Ref: W.S. 21-7-110

The Board may suspend or dismiss any teacher for incompetency, neglect of duty, immorality, insubordination, or any other good or just cause.

Written Notice :
Suspension or dismissal proceedings shall be initiate by the Superintendent or any other member of the Board delivering to the teacher a written notice thereof, together with written reason therefor.
Hearing :
Every teacher who has dismissal or suspension proceedings instituted against him/ her shall have a hearing in accordance with statutory provisions before the Board on the reasons for such dismissal or suspension, unless such hearing is waived in writing by the teacher.
Majority of Board :
Any action resulting in the teacher's suspension or dismissal shall be approved by a majority of the duly elected members of the Board of Trustees.