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School District 25 Policy

Late Certified Staff Resignations: Liquidated Damages

Policy 5382
Adopted: November 8, 2005 Revised: April 25, 2017
Legal Ref: W.S. 21-07-107

Certified staff seeking to resign before the end of their current contract or after May 15 are required to make that request in writing to the Board of Trustees for Fremont County School District #25 for their consideration at the next Regular Meeting. A written request is not tantamount to approval by the Board. Vacating the contract requires Board approval taken as a part of its business during a lawfully constituted meeting. The District may seek all applicable damages from staff members resigning effective prior to the end of the contract year or after May 15. These damages include, but are not limited to: advertising costs, clerical costs, administrative costs, substitute costs and salary differential costs if the replacement staff member salary is higher.

The Board has the right to review extenuating circumstances and waive this policy.

The Board reserves the option of filing a request with PTSB (Professional Teaching Standard Board) to have the teacher certification revoked.