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School District 25 Policy

Part-time And Substitute Teachers (Certified)

Policy 5370
Adopted: April 9, 1985

Non-staff Substitutes

Authority is delegated to the Superintendent or his/ her designee to employ substitute teachers whenever regular staff members are on leave, have been excused, or for other reasons. Substitute teachers shall be certificated by the State Department of Education. Substitute teachers shall be paid at a rate determined by the Board. Whenever a position becomes vacant during the school term, a substitute may be employed until a regular teacher may be obtained in the usual manner.

Staff Substitutes

Regularly employed teachers may be employed as substitute teachers under the following conditions:

1. When the period of time needed for a substitute is one-half day or less, or

2. A substitute teacher is unavailable, and

3. The regular staff member has a planning period.

Compensation for such use of regular staff shall be governed by the following:

1. Payment shall be allowed for the actual time employed as a substitute according to the following formula: daily contract rate of the base salary x fraction of day substituted;

2. Planning time used while substituting will be made up prior to the next pay period;

3. The employee will not be paid twice for duties which overlap. It will thus be necessary to extend the work day by the amount of time substituted in order to receive compensation.

Administration of this policy and rulings on its application shall be made by the Superintendent or his/ her designee.