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School District 25 Policy

Visitations, Conferences, And Professional Leave (Certified)

Policy 5365
Adopted: April 9, 1985

The Board desires its professional staff to stay abreast of current trends and developments in education. The Superintendent may approve school visitations, conferences, and conventions for attendance by selected certified staff members. Arrangements and provisions for taking leave must be made in advance with the Superintendent and Principal.

Employees authorized by the Superintendent to represent the school system at such educational meetings will be allowed salary and expenses in conformance with regulations on expense reimbursement.

Employees other than those selected as official representatives may be allowed by the Superintendent to attend recognized educational meetings and conferences with no loss of salary but without allowance for expense. The salary of a substitute may be deducted from a teacher's salary for excused absence for attendance at such meetings when so specified by the Superintendent.