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School District 25 Policy

Hours (Certified)

Policy 5340
Adopted: April 9, 1985 Revised: August 22, 2017

The building time schedule(s) for arrival and departure of teachers shall be established by the Superintendent. It is understood that the length of the basic school day for all teachers shall be extended to include, but not be limited to, such activities as:

  1. parent-teacher conferences
  2. IEP meetings
  3. faculty meetings
  4. extracurricular activity assignments.

The time required to participate in these activities are considered to be included in a teacher's contract days and will be without additional pay. Laws pertaining to overtime pay do not apply to certified staff members. A teacher or other staff member may be allowed to deviate from the established building time schedule at the sole discretion of the Principal, but under authority of the Superintendent.
Teachers will arrive at their posts sufficiently in advance of students (no less than 15 minutes early) and will remain after the school day as needed to meet with individual students, parents, and faculty committees, as well as to carry out other professional responsibilities. 

Administrators personnel are expected to observe a daily schedule consistent with the hours that the teachers are required to work, extending this by the time required to discharge the responsibilities of their positions as needed.  Schedules during the summer may be shortened as deemed appropriate by the superintendent of schools. 

The building time schedule(s) for administrators shall be established by the Superintendent, who shall also regulate any deviations allowed from such schedule(s).