School District 25 Policy

Salary Advancement (Certified)

Policy 5335
Adopted: August 28, 2012 Revised: August 22, 2017

For certified employees who qualify, and if authorized by the Superintendent and Board of Trustees for that contract year, advancement on the salary schedule may be allowed through the following methods:

Advancement to a higher step by virtue of completed years of successful teaching experience (vertical): Teachers shall have successfully taught under contract at least one-half of the contract year in order to be considered for vertical advancement. Only one (1) incremental step (vertical) will be allowed per year if authorized by the Superintendent and Board.

Advancement to a higher step by completion of formal education (horizontal): Advancement is not automatic. Employees intending to attain a higher step through continuing formal education must apply through the Personnel Manager by May 1 of the present contract year and must provide the required documentation. Hours taken for purposes of horizontal movement on the salary schedule must be graduate credit semester hours taken from an institution accredited by one of the approved Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board accrediting agencies. Such institution must (1) offer accredited classes beyond the Bachelor's Degree, and (2) offer degrees beyond the Bachelor's Degree. Applicable courses must be in the area of the employee’s job related skill set. Verification of approved course completion must be provided to the Personnel Manager in the format required and accompanied by an official transcript received no later than October 1 of the school year in which advancement is requested. In order for credits to be counted, they must be graded and show as completed on the official transcripts provided. All courses used for horizontal salary movement must be verified prior to advancement on the salary schedule. Advancement will be awarded at the next pay period following verification of horizontal salary movement.

An exception can be made by the Superintendent or his/ her designee to allow an undergraduate course to apply to horizontal movement on the salary schedule when contribution to the competence and/or effectiveness of the teacher can be justified. In order to have a particular course considered, the employee must provide a letter of request indicating substantiating rationale. That letter must also contain the signature of the respective building administrator indicating his/ her approval of the request.

Hours taken for horizontal movement must be hours taken in addition to those for which the teacher has already received credit. For example, to move from a Bachelor's column to the Bachelor’s +15 column, the teacher must take and receive approval for 15 graduate credit semester hours subsequent to the receipt of the Bachelor’s Degree and subsequent to the receipt of the initial teaching certificate.