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School District 25 Policy

Teaching Staff: Non-Continuing, Initial, and Continuing Contract

Policy Certified 5320
Adopted: January 8, 2013 Revised: 2017
Legal Ref: Legal Ref: W.S. 21-7-102 (ii)(A)(B)

All teachers shall be provided with one of the following types of contracts:

1.                  Non-Continuing Contract Teacher – Any teacher who successfully teaches for one full year, (or one-half of the contracted number of days for a full time teacher), part of a year as a full or part-time teacher may be issued a non-continuing contract for one school term. There is no implied continuing contract status or property interest established.
2.                  Initial Contract Teacher – Initial Contract Teachers are beginning teachers in their first three consecutive years of employment in the district. An initial contract teacher is retained in accordance with the statutes/policies of the State of Wyoming and District No. 25
3.                  Continuing Contract Teacher – Any teacher that has either served three (3) consecutive years as a beginning/new teacher to the district and has been issued a fourth contract or; previously reached continuing contract status with another Wyoming district, with no lapse in that status or service and has two years consecutive teaching experience with this district and is issued a third contract and, beginning school year 2019-2020 and each school year thereafter, has performed satisfactorily on performance evaluations implemented by the district under W.S. 21-3-110(a)(xvii) during this period of time. Teachers that have a lapse in continuing contract status in Wyoming school districts are deemed “initial contract” teachers with District No. 25.  

Part-time employment equates to half-time or greater for a contract year to be counted as a full year of experience.

Continuing contract status will be granted in accordance with state statute, Board policy, completion of initial contract status, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, and with Board approval.

Legal Reference: Legal Ref: W.S. § 21-7-102 (ii)(A)(B)