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School District 25 Policy

Prior Service Credit (Certified)

Policy 5315
Adopted: April 9, 1985 Revised: August 22, 2017

For purposes of employment, a minimum of one hundred (100) days one full year, or one-half of the contracted number of days for a full time teacher, rendered during a school term, under regular contract with an educational institution approved by the public accrediting authority in the state in which the professional experience was rendered shall constitute one (1) years’ experience for purposes of service credit.

The District aspires to hire the most qualified candidates for all positions.  Recognition of experience and education is an integral part of this process.  Prior work experience and education must be directly related to or be of significant benefit to the position for which the employee is being recommended.  For purposes of salary determination, new certified employees may be allowed credit for previous teaching experience from an accredited educational institution as verified by the public accrediting authority in the state(s) in which the professional experience was rendered.

Teachers may be hired for appropriate career technical education provided they are considered a viable candidate for, or have been issued a PIC (Professional Industry and Career) permit by the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board.

The Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board allow credit for education, previous work or teaching experience in their respective teaching area.

See the associated Administrative Procedure for additional details.

The provisions of this policy may be waived upon the recommendation of the Superintendent and the approval of the Board if allowed in state statute and guidelines.