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School District 25 Policy

Recruitment And Hiring (Certified)

Policy 5305
Adopted: June 8, 2010 Revised: August 22, 2017

The administrative staff of the School District shall be hired upon the recommendation of the Superintendent and approval of the Board. The faculty of each attendance center shall be hired on the counsel of the respective building Principal, with the recommendation of the Superintendent, and final approval by the Board.

The Board has the legal responsibility of approving the employment of all certified employees. While this responsibility cannot be delegated, the Board assigns to the Superintendent the process of recruiting staff members. In carrying out this responsibility, the Superintendent will involve various administrative and other staff members as he/she determines.

All personnel selected for employment must be recommended by the Superintendent and approved by the Board. Candidates for certified positions shall provide evidence of meeting the state requirements for their certified status.

Employment for newly hired principals, assistant principals, teachers, tutors and instructional facilitators is conditioned upon said personnel providing copies of appropriate transcripts and Praxis II tests results to District offices in a timely manner.  Any cost of securing this information will be paid by the employee.