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School District 25 Policy

Field Trips And Excursions

Policy 4115
Adopted: February 13, 2001

A member(s) of the certified staff shall accompany and be responsible for students on all school-sponsored or school-endorsed trips. Volunteers who have been approved in advance of the trip can provide supervisory support for the certified sponsor.

All school-sponsored or school-endorsed trips must be approved in advance by the Superintendent or his/ her designee(s).

Out-of-state trips for groups representing the school in music, forensic, athletic, academic, a sponsored activity and other similar school events must be approved in advance by the Board of Trustees. All such trips shall also have the prior approval of the Superintendent or his/ her designee.

No student shall be allowed to drive a vehicle on field trips or athletic trips, or any school sponsored event trip for which transportation is specifically provided.

Those groups, including sponsors, seeking additional financial support beyond their organization funds for in-state or out-of-state culminating activities shall make a formal request to the superintendent. Guidelines by which the superintendent shall determine approval include, but are not limited to: