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School District 25 Policy

Selection Of Instructional Materials

Policy 4070
Adopted: November 10, 1998

Criteria for the selection of instructional, resource, and library/ media materials shall be established under the authority of the Superintendent or his/ her designee. The use of any instructional or other material which may be inappropriate or controversial in some manner will be decided by the Superintendent, with ultimate determination by the Board.

Such committee(s) as may be established by the Superintendent or his/ her designee under this policy may include parents or other citizens of the school community.

It is the policy of this School District to provide a wide range of instructional materials on all levels of difficulty, with diversity of appeal, with the presentation of different points of view, and to provide for systematic and objective review of allegedly inappropriate or questionable instructional materials through procedures as established by the Superintendent.

No self-appointed group(s) or individual(s) may review books, materials, or educational programs within this School District in any official capacity whatsoever. Consideration for any change(s) shall be given only to recommendations coming from the Superintendent or his/ her designee(s) and to those from duly appointed committees established by the Superintendent for that purpose pursuant to Board compliance with lawful responsibility to establish programs and select materials for the entire educational program.

It is the policy of the Board that books, materials and programs selected and/or established in accordance with Board policy shall not be censored, banned, removed, deleted, or other materials prescribed because of partisan, doctrinal approval or disapproval by such self-appointed groups or individuals, and that final decision(s) relating to all said books, materials, and programs shall be reserved solely to the Board.