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School District 25 Policy


Policy 4067
Adopted: January 22, 2002

The school district will establish and maintain a district educational testing program which shall be mandatory and applicable to all students.

The purpose of the district testing program is to facilitate and provide information for the following:

  1. STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT To produce information about relative student achievement so that parents, students, and teachers have a baseline against which to monitor academic progress. Within the limitations of group testing instruments, the information may be used to serve as a validation device, for other measures of student progress.
  2. STUDENT COUNSELING To serve as a tool in counseling and guidance of students to further education and for specific academic placement.
  3. INSTRUCTIONAL CHANGE To provide data which will assist in preparing recommendations for instructional changes. This data should:
    1. Help teachers with instructional decisions, plans and changes regarding classroom objectives and program implementation.
    2. Help staff formulate and recommend instructional policy.
    3. Help the Board of Trustees adopt instructional policy.
  4. SCHOOL AND DISTRICT ASSESSMENT To provide indicators of the relative progress of schools within the district.
  5. SCHOLASTIC TESTING To provide evidence of demonstrated proficiency in meeting applicable student performance standards and/or to determine competency in required curriculum areas as determined by the School District, State law, and/or rules and regulations of the State Board of Education. The procedures utilized by the District for test assessment and administration shall, to the extent possible, avoid bias against any one set of students. The District will strive to achieve consistency and reliability in its test administration and assessment procedures.