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School District 25 Policy

Insurance Management

Policy 3080
Adopted: April 9, 1985
Legal Ref: W.S. 21-3-111(a)(viii) 21-3-126 through 21-3-130 21-7-301

The Board shall procure insurance in the amounts) determined by the Board to protect against loss of property.
Liability on Vehicles
The Board shall procure liability insurance on all School District owned vehicles in an amount determined by the Board.
The Board may provide health insurance, life insurance and other fringe and employment benefits of all types for employees of the District to such extent as it deems necessary. The amount of the premium s) for such benefits to be proportionately paid for by the Board and by the employee shall be determined by the Board.
The Board may provide limited accident insurance for students while under the jurisdiction of school authority.
The Board shall provide comprehensive insurance to save harmless and protect and defend any member of the Board or any employee of the District, in any suit, claim, demand or judgment arising out of the performance of the duties for, or employment with, the District, provided the Board, by resolution, determines that such member of the Board, or employee was acting in the discharge of his/ her duties within the scope of his/ her employment.

The Revised Accreditation-Evaluation Process or Wyoming Public Schools, November, l975.