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School District 25 Policy

Expense Reimbursements

Policy 3065
Adopted: January 9, 2007

District personnel who are authorized by the Superintendent to attend conferences or meetings or to otherwise carry out their duties outside the District shall be reimbursed their expenses by the District, as approved by the Superintendent and in accordance with the provisions of this policy, upon submission of a properly filled out and approved voucher and such supporting receipts as required by the Superintendent or his/ her designee. Such expenses may be approved and incurred in line with budgetary allocations for the specific type of expense. When official travel by personally owned vehicle has been authorized, mileage payment shall be made at the rate currently approved by the Board.

Reimbursement for district expenses incurred in-state or out-of-state travel shall be limited to necessary travel expenses and per diem as provided hereinbelow.

Expense reimbursements may be allowed as follows:

Transportation Expenses

  1. Common carrier transportation (receipts shall be submitted);
  2. Rented vehicle (receipts shall be submitted);
  3. Private vehicle
    1. allowance of 39 cents/mile passenger vehicle, if employee is required to use personal vehicle
    2. allowance of 15 cents/mile if employee uses personal vehicle and that use is approved by superintendent


Daily Per Diem

Eligible reimbursement for lodging, meals, and tips:

  1. Lodging

    Maximum daily limit $50.00, or actual necessary expenses as determined by the Superintendent (lodging receipts shall be submitted).

  2. Meals
    1. Reimbursements will be calculated using the daily per diem rates as defined in IRS Publication 1542 (Per Diem Rates) using the federal per diem rate method.