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School District 25 Policy

Budget Adoption

Policy 3005
Adopted: December 12, 2000

The budget is a formalized statement of the anticipated expenditures and revenues for a period of one (1) year. Each site and its respective staff will have input into their respective building budget. Each principal is responsible to submit their building budget to the superintendent. Through the budget process, the Trustees establish which programs it deems best sustains and enhances student achievement and learning.

Budget planning and preparation in this district will be an integral part of program planning so that the annual operation budget may effectively express and implement all programs and activities of the school system. Budget planning and preparation will be a year-round process involving broad participation of administrators, principals, secretaries, teachers, custodians, lunch room supervisor, bus drivers, and others who will need materials, supplies, equipment, or services throughout the school year.

The business/finance manager will have responsibility for budget preparation, including the construction of, and adherence to, a budget calendar. Principals will develop and submit budget requests for their school after seeking advice and suggestions of staff members.

In order to effectively express and implement the programs and activities of the school system and in order to carry out the educational objectives of the school, careful consideration shall be given to student performance standards established by the school. The annual budget should demonstrate how school district facilities and finances will be prioritized in order to facilitate the ability of students to meet and/or surpass the student performance standards. The district shall plan the development of fiscal and human resources beyond fixed costs based upon student learning results and improved performance on student standards. To the extent possible, school district projects shall be prioritized and funded in order to enhance student learning.

District budget priorities beyond fixed costs are as follows:

  1. student safety
  2. instruction
  3. special instruction
  4. support services - students
  5. technology
  6. support services - general administration
  7. central support
  8. board of trustees
  9. noninstructional

The budget request will reflect the principal's judgment as to the most effective way to use resources in achieving progress toward educational objectives of the school.

The board will give careful consideration to budget requests, review allocations for fairness and for their consistency with educational priorities of the school system.

Upon an examination of the needs of the educational program, the Superintendent and his/ her staff, after consideration of individual building and department budget requests, shall construct careful estimates of fixed costs projects and operational needs for the next fiscal year. The resulting budget shall be submitted to the Board for its consideration and adoption in accordance with statutory provisions. Adoption of this budget shall be authority for the Superintendent to authorize the purchases indicated without further Board approval.