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School District 25 Policy

Use Of School Buses

Policy 2115
Adopted: February 26, 2008

Funding of transportation for the school district is inclusive of school buses. The funding and buses are intended by statute for student transportation and not as a community support system.

Use of school district buses is overwhelmingly limited to student activities and travel and route buses of the District. Request for use of buses for any other organization outside of school shall be routinely denied.

Requests from outside organizations will be reviewed by the transportation director and/or superintendent. Factors used to approve outside organizational use are inclusive but not limited to the following:

  • Natural disaster need,
  • Public emergencies,
  • Availability of public transportation providers,
  • Risk management concerns,
  • Requesting organization's mission and funding source,
  • Direct and indirect benefit to district students,
  • Availability of district transportation and drivers,
  • Compliance with Wyoming Department of Education Transportation Unit rules and regulations.