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School District 25 Policy

Crisis Management

Policy 1830
Adopted: April 11, 2000

A primary responsibility of public schools is to provide a safe and secure environment for students, employees and the public. A standard of reasonable care under the doctrine of in loco parentis compels our district to establish clearly defined policies and procedures for responding to crises. The Trustees of Fremont County School District No. 25 believe it is necessary to have a comprehensive plan in place to deal with crisis situations and to review the plan periodically.

A school crisis is defined as an event that threatens the safety and security of students or staff, is likely to escalate in intensity, interfere with learning and the normal functioning of the school, involve the media, and/or jeopardize the schools' image. It is the policy of Fremont County School District No. 25 to respond quickly and effectively to crises affecting our schools by:

  1. Developing, implementing, and periodically updating a District Crisis Management Plan. This Plan will address provisions for safe building environments, establish procedures for communication with the media, include curriculum guidelines, and establish a system of community involvement.
  2. Mandating the development of site-based crisis management plans in each building consistent with the District Crisis Management Plan. These plans will include specific procedures for crisis management teams, systematic training for staff, curriculum guidelines, and coordinated community planning.
  3. Training all school personnel in crisis management to their level of job responsibility. Crisis management procedures will be reviewed annually by all personnel.

These plans will be developed by administrators, certified and classified employees, students, parents and community members. Content of these plans will include the following:

All existing district and site-based emergency and crisis plans will be revised to conform to the guidelines established through this policy. The Superintendent will develop administrative regulations and procedures to assure implementation of this policy.