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School District 25 Policy

Solicitations In School

Policy 1825
Adopted: March 10, 2009
Legal Ref: WSBA – Copenhaver 11/7/08

The schools should avoid exploiting students, whether by advertising or otherwise promoting products or services, soliciting funds or information, or securing participation in non-school related activities and functions. At the same time, schools should inform and assist students to learn about programs, activities or information which may be of help or service to them. To attempt a fair balance, the following general guidelines will apply:


Material which is deemed unacceptable as defined by this policy will not be permitted to be distributed. Unacceptable material includes:



The district as a whole and its individual schools, including student bodies, shall not participate in general community fund drives or solicitations except as authorized by the superintendent upon the recommendation of the appropriate principal.

See also Policies 2205, 2210 and 2215

Source: WSBA – Copenhaver 11/7/08