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School District 25 Policy

Unsafe School Choice Option

Policy 1815
Adopted: August 14, 2007

Fremont County School District No. 25 does hereby adopt, in accordance with the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Policy adopted by the Wyoming Department of Education and in order to be in compliance with No Child Left Behind, the following policy relating to unsafe school choice option:

Definition of a PDS:

A school will be considered a persistently dangerous school if the following condition exists:

In any two consecutive years, the school has experienced expulsions (as defined by the Wyoming State Education Code) for drug, alcohol, weapons, or violence that exceed an expulsion rate of two percent (2%) per year of the student body or four (4) students, whichever is higher, as figured from the most currently available year's enrollment.

Definition of Violent Criminal Offense:
For purpose of this definition a "violent criminal offense" shall mean homicide, rape, robbery, and/ or aggravated assault (as defined by the Wyoming Violent Index Offenses).

Once the School District receives notice from the Wyoming Department of Education that one of its schools has been identified as PDS, the District will:

  1. Notify the parents of each student attending the school within ten (10) days that the state has identified it as a PDS.
  2. Offer all students the opportunity to voluntarily transfer to a "safe" public school within the district. If there is not another school in the district, the district will explore other options, such as an agreement with a neighboring school district to accept transfer students.
  3. For those students who accept the offer, complete the transfer within thirty (30) days, or as near to thirty (30) days as practicality allows.
  4. Develop a corrective action plan within thirty (30) days.
  5. Pursue timely implementation.

In the case of transfers:

  1. The district will allow students to transfer to a school that is making adequate yearly progress and is not identified as being in need of school improvement, corrective action, or restructuring, if a transfer is possible. Guidelines for transfer will include:
    1. Any in-district school of appropriate grade level that is within practical distance.
    2. A nearby out-of-district school at a practical distance if the receiving school agrees to take the student and pay the transportation costs. The potential out-of-district receiving school is not obligated for either.
  2. Transfers may be temporary or permanent, but must be in effect as long as the original school is identified as persistently dangerous.
  3. The No Child Left Behind transfer policy as it applies to a PDS allows the student the administrative option of attending a safer school. It neither compels a student to transfer to another school nor compels a receiving school to pay for transportation costs. The No Child Left Behind transfer option is not applicable when no practical options exist.

Corrective Action Plan

The correction action plan must be submitted to WDE for approval. The WDE will provide technical assistance and monitor the district's actions throughout the system.

Note: All official expulsions must be promptly reported to the Health and Safety Unit Director in the Wyoming Department of Education, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Students Who Have Been Victims of a Violent Criminal Offense

The district will provide safe school options, when possible, to a student who has been a victim of a violent criminal offense from another student at that same school, while in or on the grounds of the public school that the student attends:

  1. The district will, within ten (10) days, offer an opportunity to voluntarily transfer to a safe public school within the district if one is available.
  2. When another school is not available within the district, the district will review other appropriate options, such as an agreement with the neighboring district to accept the student.