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School District 25 Policy

Administrator Contracts

Policy 1780
Adopted: April 9, 1985

Salaries of certified administrators, additional benefits, vacation entitlement and other leave provisions shall be determined by the Board upon the recommendation of the Superintendent.

Such administrators shall be granted not less than all fringe and other benefits provided by Board Policy for certified teachers in addition to such salary and benefits as are (1) agreed to in writing by the Board and such administrators, and (2) provided to such administrators by Board action in its minutes.

Only twelve (12) month administrators shall be entitled to designated legal holidays and a paid vacation which shall be twenty (20) working days each year, at a time(s) approved by the Superintendent. Vacation time may not be carried over to the next fiscal year, except by special permission of the Superintendent.

Secondary School Principals, Assistant Principals and Directors shall have 210 day contracts while Elementary School Principals and Coordinators shall have 200 day contracts.

The Superintendent is authorized to grant compensatory time during the subsequent regular work year to any administrator who, under the direction of the Superintendent, performs duty assignment during his/ her "non-contracted" time of the year.