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School District 25 Policy

Discussion Committee

Policy 1765
Adopted: April 9, 1985

The Superintendent is authorized to establish a Discussion Committee for the purpose of insuring input by the certified staff into the decision-making process.

This Discussion Committee will serve as a vehicle through which every certified employee may have the opportunity for input concerning issues with District-wide implications. The Committee will serve for suggestion and discussion but will not be a decision-making body, nor will it in any way obstruct the daily decision-making processes of administrators. It also will not serve as a forum for the personal complaints or problems of particular individuals, nor is it intended as an obstacle for the exercise of any employee's right to be heard by the Board.

More specifically it is designed:

  1. To provide for an effective two-way communications process between certified personnel and the Superintendent;
  2. To create a mutual understanding of the decision-making procedure;
  3. To result in a better informed staff and Board and a relationship of mutual respect and appreciation;
  4. To direct the combined efforts of the total certified staff toward the goals of the District;
  5. To provide a systematic procedure for the discussion of District-wide concerns.

The Committee may discuss any issue which has District-wide implications. Types of issues which may be considered are:

  1. Curriculum;
  2. School calendar;
  3. Professional development activities to include in-service training;
  4. Staff evaluation;
  5. Professional conduct of certified personnel;
  6. Changes in existing facilities;
  7. Communications;
  8. Student discipline.

It is not the purpose or intent of this Discussion Committee to usurp the authority of any ad hoc committee which may be concerned with aspects of these issues. Furthermore, it is not intended that every issue presented to the Board by the Superintendent for Board action has to be presented first to the Discussion Committee.

Membership of the Discussion Committee shall be as follows:

  1. There shall be nine (9) teacher members and three (3) administrator members in addition to the Superintendent;
  2. The nine (9) schools shall select its teacher representative prior to the first committee meeting each year as follows each school shall select one (1) representative;
  3. The Administrative team members shall select their three (3) representatives prior to the first committee meeting each year;
  4. The procedure that shall be followed to select the teacher representatives from the particular buildings is as follows: Each Principal shall prepare a nomination form for each faculty member. It will provide an opportunity for each faculty member to nominate a teacher from that building to serve on the Discussion Committee. Then, the names of the top three nominees from that building who are willing to serve will be placed on a ballot which will be provided each faculty member. The nominee receiving the most votes will be the teacher to serve on the Discussion Committee from that particular building. Of the twelve (12) teacher and administrator members, initially six (6) will serve for two years and the remaining six (6) for one year. This will be determined by lot. Thereafter, the rotating committee members would serve for two (2) year terms. Members would be eligible for continued membership if selected by their peers.

Meetings will be held as follows:

  1. The Discussion Committee shall meet monthly during the school year. No meeting will be held if there are no items submitted for an agenda;
  2. The Committee members shall determine the monthly meeting dates at the initial meeting each year;
  3. Additional meetings could be held if requested by either the Superintendent or a majority of the eleven (11) teacher and administrator members;
  4. Each year the Committee shall establish a time limit for all meetings with the provision for a 30-minute extension of that time whenever an issue is still under consideration;
  5. The meetings shall be held in the central administration offices and shall be held during a portion of the school day, extending after school when and if necessary.

Agenda Preparation, Notice, and Written Summary are as follows:

  1. An agenda shall be prepared by the Superintendent. It shall be distributed to all certified personnel three (3) working days in advance of the meeting thereby providing each employee an opportunity for reaction or input to his/ her elected representative;
  2. Agenda items may be suggested by any member of the Discussion Committee. They shall be submitted to the Superintendent's secretary at least six (6) working days in advance of the meeting;
  3. Additional items may be added to the agenda at the beginning of a committee meeting;
  4. Certified employees will be given a notice as to the meeting of the Discussion Committee and the due date for agenda items;
  5. A written summary of the meeting shall be distributed to all certified employees and to the Board.