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School District 25 Policy

Qualifications And Duties Of The Superintendent

Policy 1730
Adopted: April 9, 1985

  1. The Superintendent shall possess those qualifications required for certification in the State of Wyoming as Superintendent of Schools. he/ she shall also possess such qualifications and abilities essential to his/ her performance as educational leader of the professional staff and community.
  2. The Superintendent is the administrative head of all departments and divisions of the District and shall be responsible for the execution of general policies of the Board. All executive authority rests with the Superintendent and he/ she may delegate duty and such authority as he/ she may deem necessary to the proper functioning of the school system.
  3. The Superintendent shall assume full responsibility for the entire school system, make recommendations to the Board for the improvement of the system and the educational program, and shall act as advisor to the Board.
  4. It is expected that the Superintendent will keep himself/herself informed on current trends in education, that he/ she will participate in professional activities beyond the scope of the local School District for the general improvement of education.
  5. The duties and responsibilities of the Superintendent are enumerated in the job description for such position which has been adopted by the Board.
  6. The Superintendent shall be an ex-officio member of all committees to advise the Board.