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School District 25 Policy

Board-Staff Communications

Policy 1610
Adopted: April 9, 1985

The Board desires to maintain open channels of communication between itself and the staff. However, such communication will be line and staff through the Superintendent.

Staff Communications to the Board

All communications or reports to the Board from Principals, supervisors, teachers, or other staff members shall be submitted through respective administrators to the Superintendent. This necessary procedure shall not be construed as denying the right of any employee to appeal to the Board from administrative decisions on important matters, provided that the Superintendent shall have been notified of the forthcoming appeal and that it is processed in accordance with Board Policy 1615, the Board's policy on complaints. Staff members are also reminded that attending regular and special Board meetings provides an excellent opportunity to observe at first hand the Board's deliberations on problems of staff concern.

Board Communications to Staff

All official communications, policies, and directives of staff interest and concern will be communicated to staff members through the Superintendent.