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School District 25 Policy

Evaluation Of Board Operational Procedures

Policy 1535
Adopted: April 9, 1985

It is essential to the effective operations of the School District that the Board regularly study and evaluate its own procedures. The aim of such study and evaluation is not to criticize the actions of any individual member of the Board, but to use each member's evaluation of total Board operations in order to serve the public interest more effectively and to provide the best possible education program.

Criteria for Self-Evaluation:

  1. Board Members and the Superintendent will cooperatively develop the standards against which to evaluate the work of the Board as well as any instruments or evaluation forms considered appropriate.
  2. Evaluation will be at a scheduled time and place, with no other items on the agenda. All Board Members and the Superintendent should be present.
  3. Annual evaluation will occur no later than the end of September.
  4. The evaluation will be a composite of the opinions of individual Board Members, but the Board as a whole will discuss the results.
  5. Since no evaluation form or instrument can completely cover the responsibilities of a Board, the Board does not limit itself to those items which appear on the form used.

Results of Evaluation Procedure:

The Board will carefully study the results of the self-evaluation and develop concrete ways to strengthen any weak points revealed by the evaluation. The self-evaluation is useful only to the degree that it is used to strengthen the operating procedures and effectiveness of the Board.