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School District 25 Policy

Board Attorney

Policy 1410
Adopted: April 9, 1985
Legal Ref: W.S. 21-3-111(a)(iv)

The Board may employ legal counsel. The cost of litigation shall be borne by the District.

The Board attorney shall acquaint the Superintendent and the Board on a regular basis with general and specific advice regarding state statutes and case law having a bearing on Board policies and practices.

The Board's designated attorney shall be present, as requested, at each regularly scheduled Board meeting and at any other meeting, provided adequate advance notice is given, for the purpose of advising on legal matters.

The Board may employ additional attorneys as needed. Fees will be agreed upon, in writing, between the attorney(s) and the Board.

The fees and expenses of legal counsel for the Superintendent and legal counsel for the Board as is provided in Board Policy 1630, Rules and Practice Governing Contests Before the Board, and costs of any resulting litigation therefrom, shall be borne by the District.