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School District 25 Policy

Board Officers

Policy 1405
Adopted: April 9, 1985
Legal Ref: W.S. 21-3-113 through 21-3-120


The Chairman of the Board will preside at all meetings of the Board at which he/ she is present and will have a vote on motions placed before the Board for action. he/ she will sign such documents on behalf of the Board as may require his/ her signature. he/ she will represent the Board in deliberations with other boards, districts, or agencies unless another member of the Board is so designated.

The Chairman will perform all duties required by the statutes, and will perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law or by action of the Board.

If for any reason the office of Chairman becomes vacant, the Vice-Chairman will act as Chairman until a new Chairman is elected.

All warrants or other orders to pay money drawn on the School District treasury, and all checks on a depository, shall bear the signature of the Chairman and the Clerk or Treasurer.


In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall preside at the meeting. If the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are absent, the Board members present shall select a Temporary Chairman other than the Clerk for the purpose of conducting the meeting.

The Vice-Chairman will perform all duties of the Chairman when he/ she is acting in that capacity.


The Clerk shall:

  1. Cause within twenty (20) working days after the close of each fiscal year a report to be submitted to the state superintendent of public instruction for the past fiscal year. Such report shall contain such information as is required by the state superintendent based upon the rules and regulations of the state board of education. A copy of such report shall also be filed with the county clerk of Fremont County;
  2. Cause to be filed copies of all reports made to the state superintendent and all papers transmitted to him/ her by school officers or other persons pertaining to the business of the District. After two (2) years have elapsed from the date of filing, microfilm copies may be treated as originals;
  3. Cause a certificate to be endorsed upon every bond or evidence of debt, issued pursuant to law, that the same is within the lawful debt limit of such School District and is issued according to law;
  4. Record all proceedings of the Board in books to be kept for that purpose;
  5. Call special meetings of the Board in accordance with Board Policy 1250.

In the absence of the Clerk at a meeting of the Board, the Board will designate an Acting Clerk who will be authorized to certify any and all proceedings acted upon by the Board.


The Treasurer shall:

  1. Have custody of all moneys belonging to the District and pay out the same on order of the Clerk, countersigned by the Chairman;
  2. Cause an account to be kept of the receipts and expenditures of the District;
  3. Render a statement of the finances of the District at any time when required by the Board; publish all warrantsin excess of $300.00 each month; and cause a detailed report showing the sources of revenue and the purposesfor which monies were expended to be published at the close of each fiscal year in a newspaper of general circulation within the School District.

All officers shall serve for a one (1) year period. If a vacancy occurs in any office of the Board, the Board shall elect one of its members to fill the vacancy. Such election shall take place on or before the second regular meeting of the Board following the vacancy and such elected member shall serve until the election of new Board officers at the next annual reorganizational meeting.