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School District 25 Policy

Board Organizational Meeting

Policy 1310
Adopted: January 17, 1989
Legal Ref: W.S. 21-3-110(a)(iii), 21-3-111(a)(iii), 21-3-111(a)(iv)

The annual reorganizational meeting of the Board shall be held the first regular meeting after December 1 of each year.

The Attorney shall preside over the meeting until a Chairman has been elected, whereupon the Chairman will assume the chair.

The Chairman shall then call for election of the following officers from the membership: Vice-Chairman, Clerk, and Treasurer.

A Chairman Pro-Tem may be appointed by the outgoing Chairman to serve until the annual organizational meeting.

At this meeting, or at subsequent meetings, the Board may secure any legal counsel and consultants the Board deems necessary. Selection of these officers, counsel, and consultants will be by vote of the Board.