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School District 25 Policy

Special Or Emergency Meetings

Policy 1250
Adopted: November 1, 1994
Legal Ref: W.S. 16-4-404(b) 21-3-119 16-4-404(c) 21-3-120

The Clerk shall call a special or emergency meeting of the Board upon the request of the Chair or Vice-Chair in the absence of the Chair or at the request of any two (2) members of the Board.

The Clerk shall cause notice of each special or emergency meeting of the Board to be given in accordance with law. The notice shall contain the purpose, time and place of the meeting, and a statement that the official minutes of such meeting will be available for inspection by any citizen at the Central Administration Office.

Written notice of such special or emergency meeting will be delivered personally or by mail to each Board Member and the designated newspaper for general circulation. The notice shall be delivered at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the specified time of the meeting. However, the Board may hold an emergency meeting on matters of serious immediate concern to take temporary action (subject to reconsideration and action at an open public meeting within forty-eight (48) hours) without notice. Only those matters listed in the notice of the special or emergency meetings may be discussed and transacted.

A special meeting may be an executive session if it deals with a subject for which statutory provision is made to allow discussion in such session. In such a case, Board Policy 1255, governing executive sessions, applies.