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School District 25 Policy

Board - Superintendent Relationship

Policy 1215
Adopted: November 1, 1994

While the primary functions of the Board are policy development and adoption and goal appraisal, the function of the superintendent is executive. The superintendent administers the schools carrying out the policies established by the Board; and, when necessary, delineates inconsistencies and recommends revisions in the Board's policies.

The Board shall not bypass the superintendent in the administering of adopted policies. The execution of policy through detailed steps and procedures of administration is the duty and responsibility of the superintendent who may delegate authority to District employees. The administrative function of the superintendent is in keeping with the concept that the superintendent carries out policy through the administrative function delegated to him/ her by the Board.

The Board recognizes that the working relationship between the Board and the superintendent is of prime importance; that this relationship determines whether or not the superintendent and Board can function effectively in their mutual roles; and, that the relationship must be based upon mutual trust and understanding.

Evaluating and reporting are major responsibilities of the superintendent in assisting the Board in its appraisal function.

The Board's responsibility is to make its expectations known to the superintendent. Such expectations will be based on a clear understanding of the functions of the Board and the superintendent as set forth in Board policy and state law and regulation.

The superintendent and/or his/ her selected designee shall attend all meetings of the Board including executive sessions, except that portion of a meeting when his/ her own appointment or salary is under consideration.