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School District 25 Policy

Policy Adoption

Policy 1210
Adopted: November 1, 1994
Legal Ref: W.S. 21-3-110(a)(i)

The Board will make and adopt and may amend and repeal policies and bylaws for its meetings and proceedings for the governance, regulation, and management of the public schools and school property, for the transaction of its business, and for the employment of teachers and other employees and the conduct of students. Such policies will be published and disseminated for the knowledge of the employees and the public.

Whenever conditions require, the policies of the Board may be added to, changed, or rescinded. The Board shall consider the new policy or the change in an existing policy during a regular or special meeting of the Board, but shall defer action on the new policy or policy change until a subsequent Board meeting. However, in the case of an emergency, the Board may approve a policy or policy change without waiting for a subsequent meeting.