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School District 25 Policy

New Board Member Orientation

Policy 1110
Adopted: October 18, 1994

The Superintendent shall be responsible for acquainting new Board Members with their duties and obligations by assisting each new member to understand the Board's functions, policies and procedures and the operation of the School District. The following methods shall be employed by the Superintendent to this end:

  1. The member shall be given material on the functions and operational procedures of the Board and School District;
  2. The member shall be invited by the Superintendent to meet with designated personnel to discuss the services they perform for the Board, major problems recently faced by the School District, and the impact of priority issues on the School District;
  3. The member shall be given a copy of the Board's policies and bylaws, copies of pertinent materials, and a copy of the Current Wyoming Education Code;
  4. The member will be encouraged to attend the workshop for new Board Members conducted by the Wyoming School Boards Association;
  5. Before being sworn in and officially taking office, the member-elect shall be invited to attend Board meetings and to participate in its discussions;
  6. The Superintendent shall supply material pertinent to meetings and shall explain its use.