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School District 25 Policy

Citizen Advisory Committees

Policy 1015
Adopted: October 18, 1994
Legal Ref: Federal Register 3/11/75, p. 11484

The Board encourages the participation of citizens of the District in providing input; however, the legal responsibility for decision making in all matters of policy and operation rests with the Board.

Therefore, it shall be the policy of the Board to:

  1. Establish advisory committees when they are judged to be necessary;
  2. Establish advisory committees for a specific task and time;
  3. Declare that advisory committees are for the purpose of gathering and exchanging information; and
  4. Make it clear that the responsibility for final decisions and policy adoption resides with the Board.

To ensure effective use of advisory committees and to avoid areas of possible misunderstanding, the following parameters will be observed by both such committees and by the Board:

  1. Each advisory committee will be established with clear definitions of purpose, function, and length of service, along with ground rules for ethical, constructive operation;
  2. Selection of membership will depend upon
    1. interest,
    2. broad representation,
    3. expertise (in the case of ad hoc committees),
    4. those people it is to represent, and
    5. effective working size.
    Membership will also include school employees;
  3. Exchange of information and opinions will be made within the context of constructiveness;
  4. Committee recommendations will be based upon thorough research of the most recent relevant facts and issues available on the topic;
  5. Final reports and recommendations of advisory committees will be submitted to the Board in either written or oral form;
  6. Authority to act upon the reports and recommendations of an advisory committee rests with the Board, alone;
  7. Periodic review of the purpose and effectiveness of advisory committees will be made by the Superintendent as requested by the Board;
  8. School-level and District-level advisory committees that are required under federal and state programs shall be formed, and shall function, in accordance with the requirements pertaining to each specific federal or state program; the Board shall grant to those bodies the advisory responsibilities relevant to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of such program or project; and
  9. The committee(s) shall be automatically dissolved when its final report has been made or can be terminated at any time by a majority vote of the Board.
  10. This policy does not have a direct effect on established building advisory committees, or parent advisory committees.