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School District 25 Policy

Board Powers And Duties

Policy 1010
Adopted: October 18, 1994
Legal Ref: W.S. 21-3-108; 21-3-109; 21-3-110; 21-3-111;21-3-116

The Board has a dual responsibility. First, its members are state officers who receive their power directly from the state, since school districts are agencies of the state and carry out the state's program of education. Second, the Board is elected by the people of the local school district and represents them in forming policies and in managing and controlling the schools. The School District is bound by the Board's action.

The Board is charged with the general operation of the public schools of the District. It is responsible for carrying out certain mandatory laws relating to schools.

The Board has four primary functions:

that function which plans what shall be done and provides budgetary support to achieve the policies adopted;
that function which is concerned with placing plans and policies into operation. The Board delegates this function to its chief executive officer, the Superintendent. It is his/ her responsibility to establish procedures through which plans and policies are put into practice, to furnish leadership to the Board and school staff, and to report progress, problems, and results to the Board;
that function which involves appointing a hearing officer to hear any case which would or might result in the suspension, dismissal, or termination of any contract with an employee of the District. Such judicial function would also involve Board hearings to determine student expulsion or suspension over ten days;
that function which evaluates the performance of the Superintendent to determine the extent to which Board policies are carried out.

Board Duties

In carrying out its primary functions, the Board shall:

  1. Prescribe and enforce policies for its own governance and for the governance of the District's schools;
  2. Keep minutes of all meetings at which official action is taken and keep a record of all official acts;
  3. Elect from its membership a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Clerk, and a Treasurer at the first meeting in December;
  4. Fix the time and place of regular meetings; hold at least one (1) meeting per month; and conduct and give notice of meetings in a manner as prescribed by law;
  5. Submit such reports concerning finances or any other matter as the Wyoming State Board of Education or state law may require;
  6. Prepare an annual budget for school purposes in a manner as prescribed by law;
  7. Control and disburse all moneys received from any source to maintain the District's schools;
  8. Obtain competitive bids in a manner as prescribed by law;
  9. Require the Board Treasurer and the Superintendent to give bond in a manner as prescribed by law;
  10. Fix the site of each schoolhouse considering the needs of the people of each portion of the District;
  11. Adopt and use an official seal when required to authenticate official acts;
  12. Cause the United States and Wyoming flags to be properly displayed in, upon, or around school buildings within the District;
  13. Consider every petition presented to the Board and subscribed to by at least five (5) citizens of the District, and take some action on such petition within 30 days after it has been received, provided that no action shall be required if the precise question presented by the petition has been considered and acted upon by the Board at any meeting within the current fiscal year;
  14. Require an accounting at least once each year of all receipts and expenditures made by each organization, function, or other group sponsored by or functioning in any way within the District's schools. A copy of the accounting shall be posted in each school building connected with such organization, function, or group;
  15. Provide for students more than the minimum course of study adequate to prepare pupils for admission to the University of Wyoming and various community colleges of Wyoming;
  16. Fill by appointment and within 30 days any vacancies that may occur on the Board between elections
  17. Perform such other duties as may be required by law.

Board Powers

Additionally, the Board may:

  1. Sue and be sued in the name of Fremont County School District No. 25;
  2. Acquire, hold, convey, lease, rent, and manage both real and personal property for the District's benefit and in the District's designated name, either alone or jointly with another public or private agency, institution, person, or corporation.
  3. Enter into agreements with any public or private agency, institution, person, or corporation for the performance of acts or furnishing of services or facilities by or for the School District;
  4. Employ legal counsel and bear the cost of litigation;
  5. Accept or reject any federal or other gift, grant, bequest, or device;
  6. Employ and determine the salaries of a superintendent, teachers, principals, other certificated professional employees, and other personnel;
  7. Discharge any employee subject to the provisions of any applicable law;
  8. Insure against loss of property;
  9. Establish and maintain vocational programs and/ or kindergartens;
  10. Join and pay dues to state and national school boards associations. A Board may also at its discretion pay necessary travel expenses and per diem of members and personnel attending meetings of such associations;
  11. Provide for the operation of school lunch programs;
  12. May require any officer or employee whose duty it is to handle District funds or property, including activity accounts, to be bonded;
  13. Acquire real estate for the District by condemnation in a manner as prescribed by law;
  14. Convey, with or without consideration, title to real property which is not being used and will not be used by the District to the state or its political subdivisions for public use;
  15. Convey or otherwise divest, with or without consideration, title to personal property which is not being used and will not be used by the District to the extent not prohibited by Article 16, Section 6. Wyoming Constitution.

Board Responsibilities

The Board's primary responsibilities are to:

  1. Select the Superintendent of Schools;
  2. Develop and adopt policies and hold the Superintendent responsible for their implementation;
  3. Determine the curriculum to be included in the instructional program and then encourage and provide the means, within such resources as the Board shall determine, for development of an outstanding program;
  4. Interpret the educational needs of the community;
  5. Appraise the attainment of the broad goals set by the Board;
  6. Keep the community apprised of the goals, purposes, values, conditions, and needs of the schools by providing for the dissemination of information;
  7. Act upon the recommendation for employment of personnel as presented by the Superintendent of Schools;
  8. Approve and adopt policies concerning the use of school properties;
  9. Provide for the planning, expansion, improvement, financing, construction, and maintenance of the physical plant of the School District;
  10. Act upon the recommendations of the Superintendent concerning employment of administrative staff to ensure opportunities for the Superintendent and staff to attain goals charged to them by the Board;
  11. Provide for inservice opportunities as positive steps in improving the staff and instructional program;
  12. Provide for long and short term planning for the effective and efficient operation of the School District;
  13. Provide sound business management procedures;
  14. Provide accountability to the citizens of this School District through retention by the Board of its decision-making authority and responsibility for the operation and management of the School District.