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School District 25 Policy

Governing Body -- Legal Status

Policy 1005
Adopted: October 18, 1994
Legal Ref: W. S. 21-3-105

The Board of Trustees is a legal body created by the authority of statutes of the State of Wyoming as the governing body for Fremont County School District No. 25. Its members derive their responsibilities and powers from state law.

Board Members, who are elected to four (4) year terms, have no authority over school affairs as individuals. They have authority, within state law, over school affairs when they serve as a legal body. No action of the Board shall be valid unless such action shall receive the approval of at least four Board members. The term of office for Board Members shall run for four (4) years from 12 o'clock noon from the first (1st) day in December following the election.

The Board is, in practice, primarily a policy-making body. The Board delegates the function of administering the policies to an officer of the Board--the Superintendent of Schools.

Delegating the administrative function makes the Board responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of the execution of Board policies. Evaluation by the Board requires a continuous appraisal of the results of its educational policies as well as the effectiveness of the general administration.

The Board will function and act as a body of the whole.